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Budget Travel via EUROSTAR in Europe

Travelling to Europe on the Eurostar

Europe is a hugely saturated continent with a multitude of amazing countries, which is why millions travel there every year. Every single country within Europe is steeped in history, boasts of delicious delicacies and has a diverse and unique culture.

Of course, you aren’t going to be able to soak up the sun like you could in Las Vegas or the Bahamas, but there are still plenty of gorgeous beaches dotted around the continent.

So, if you want to experience a great vacation and create long-lasting memories; Europe could be the perfect choice for you!

Best countries to visit in Europe

Beautiful hills of Scotland

So, before we touch upon the methods of travel, let’s discuss some of the incredible countries that you could travel to. First of all, you have the United Kingdom; this region, which is comprised of England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland, is steeped in vibrant attractions, deep heritage and iconic monuments.

You have Buckingham Palace which is home to Queen Elizabeth, Snowdonia which is a picturesque mountain and the traditional fish & chip shops.

Oktoberfest Germany

Alternatively, you may want to visit Germany. Not only will you be able to explore Bavaria, attend a festival such as Oktoberfest, or tuck into some local cuisine, you’ll also be able to see the Berlin wall which once separated East and West Germany.

Or, would a lovely trip to France catch your eye? Other than the obvious visit to Paris and the Eiffel Tower, you could also head to the South of France and experience the more luxurious aspect of France.

Eurostar Travel Map

Now, there are a whole host of other countries for you to visit, but whichever destination(s) you decide to travel to, you’re going to need to a means of travel. One of our favourites is the Eurostar. see

Not only is it cheap and cheerful, it is also incredibly fast and will take you to places such as France, Belgium, Holland etcetera, in just a few hours. If you live in Europe already and just want to discover what else the continent has to offer, then this is a superb method of travel.

Eurostar - London

However, if you’re from elsewhere in the world, you can still enjoy travelling by Eurostar, especially if you are looking to explore more than one country during your stay.

So, you could source a flight to a country like England, and then hop on the Eurostar to get around Europe in a super-quick time.

Moreover, just a quick note; if you have children then the Eurostar is a terrific option, as one of its stops is at Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris


No matter how long you’re staying for or where you are travelling to; Europe is a magnificent continent with tons of fantastic countries that will give you some memories to reflect on when you’re older! But, if you’re going to be travelling across Europe via the Eurostar, then a convenient form of luggage would be recommended.

So, why not check out some of our awesome duffle or travel bags to make your journey so much easier?!

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