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Budget Vacations in USA & Europe

Travel for Less! (A Beginners Guide to Affordable Vacations in the US and Abroad)

Everyone wants to travel. Exploring new cultures, people, and food is one of life’s greatest joys.

But what if you don’t have loads of money to spend on exotic vacations? Are your dreams of traveling the world all but lost?

Not so fast :)

We’ve got the scoop on where and how to travel for less to some of the world’s most traveled to spots. Check out our economy travel hot spots and tips below.

The U.S.

We’ll start in the United States. Some 76 million foreigners travel to the US every year. Many do so for business while others are hoping to see the country’s many landscapes. Some of the hottest locations include:

  • The Grand Canyon

  • New York City

  • Los Angeles

  • San Francisco

  • New Orleans

But what if you could experience places few people have and save a ton of money? You can. Here are a few of our favorite cheaper-than-average spots you should check out.

-San Antonio, Texas.

Why? Because there is so much to do! San Antonio is home to the Alamo SEE Expedia Vacation The Alamo, for travel packages! and River Walk making it a hotbed for tourists. However, unlike other Texas destinations, San Antonio is still relatively affordable. Find a spot on the outskirts of the city to stay and you’re good to go.

-Salt Lake City, Utah.

Why? Because it has a rich history and it’s close to incredible outdoor spots like Wasatch-Cache National Forest and Golden Spike National Monument. A few hours north and you can also find Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. Accommodations and entertainment are extremely affordable in Salt Lake City making it easy on the pocketbook.

-Daytona, Florida.

Why? Because Daytona has over 20 miles of beaches! It’s a popular location during spring break, but if you come any other time of the year you can get major discounts on beachside condos. If you want to check out some entertainment spots, Orlando is just an hour’s drive away and is full of amusement parks and other family-friendly stuff.

-Daytona Beach Florida

-Albuquerque - New Mexico

Why? Its brimming with history and features beautiful historic landmarks to appreciate and visit. Old Town is at its the center, the Original City was founded in 1706, its a mix of Spanish and native American cultures where cobblestone streets and adobe walls still characterize the neighborhood. House galleries, souvenir shops restaurants are all easily accessible. The stunning Church of San Felipe de Neri – one of the oldest buildings in Albuquerque can also be found here. If you love hispanic food restaurants abound, spicy ! so be careful. If your interested in some outdoor activities the beautiful Sandia mountains makes a great trip for backpacking and photography opportunities.


Want to go a bit beyond your borders and check out some of Europe’s beautiful destinations? If so, here are our picks to save big on your travel budget.

-Budapest, Hungary

Why? Because it’s home to some of Europe’s most beautiful architecture. Budapest is an affordable city to sight-see if you stay away from the downtown area. You can also soak in one of the many natural hot spring spas in the city and take in the paprika rich food to keep your budget in check.

-Athens, Greece

Why? Because Greece is incredibly beautiful! You might not think it, but Athens is an affordable country to stay in and enjoy. You can easily take the metro down to a ferry and explore some of the islands surrounding the area for an even more exotic stay. Greece’s recent financial instability has made it a more affordable place to stay, but it is nonetheless a safe and fun place to visit.

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Bonus: Pro Economy Travel Tips

Now that you know where to go, here are a few simple affordable travel tips to use.

  • Scan Airbnb for places to say: You can score major deals close to the heart of the action if you plan well enough.

  • HOT TIP! Clear your browser. Airlines use cookies to follow your purchases and limit what deals they offer you based on your history. Clear your cache to get better prices on tickets.

  • Pack light. Try to stick to a carry-on bag if you can. Excess baggage fees can cost more than $50 if you aren’t careful. Why not try our Leather and Canvas Duffel bags -Travel bags for a great atlternative to bulky luggage and to save some cash?

Wherever you decide to travel, we truly hope you make memories to last a lifetime.

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