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Ultimate Guide to budget travel in the UK

Introduction- Budget Travel in the UK!

Everyone loves to travel; for the majority of the population a vacation is the highlight of their year.

The whole aura surrounding the planning, booking and travelling is something that just breeds happiness. However, vacations are not always smiles and roses, as nowadays the travel industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that can make a huge difference to countries’ economy. But, for the average person, couple or family, this means it can be very difficult to find a holiday that falls comfortably into their budget.

This is what sadly prevents a large number of people from actually going on the vacations that they constantly dream of. They either cannot afford one, or the overwhelming stress of working out their finances, planning where to go and booking a vacation that doesn’t break their bank but still provides quality is too much to handle.

Now, you could say that travel agents are there to make your life easy, and do all of the hard planning and booking for you. But, again, this can be more expensive and not financially-friendly which means it isn’t a viable option for many people.

There are ways to travel to your desired destinations on a budget though, so fear not, because we’re here to help you do so!

For this article, we’re going to be focusing on the UK, an island in Europe that is made up of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland which is famous for Queen Elizabeth and the Big Ben! Therefore, if you would love to travel to the United Kingdom but have always felt like it is out for your budget, then continue reading…

Edinburgh Scotland Skyline

Accommodations in the UK

Accommodation can be a real nightmare when you’re on a tight budget, especially in the bigger cities such as London, Cardiff and Belfast etc. But, the best way to get great value for your money is by searching for hotels on a service such as ‘’. You’ll often find last-minute deals or ‘Deals of the Day’ on there and this can cut your costs and give you amazing quality.

Some of London's most upscale hotels are frequently running promos like guaranteed dollar rates, which insures favourable exchange rates for travels abroad.

Current upscale participating hotels, include the Athenaeum Hotel & Apartments, the Egerton House & Hotel, and the Milestone Hotel.

Self-bed and breakfasts are a great affordable way for visitors, to save money during their stay in England, Scotland or Wales

The company base2stay, located in London, offers great low-cost rooms at Royal Garden Apartments.The Coastal Cottages, in Pembrokeshire offers stunning seaside views, which is a vacation in itself!

Pembrokeshire Oceanside stunning views

Another way to find cheap accommodation is to look for a local hostel.

Now, I know what you’re thinking and when people hear the word hostel it can be very daunting. However, there are some lovely, friendly and nice hostels to be found around the UK, which can provide you with a unique experience.

You’ll be able to socialize, meet other travellers and create new memories outside of hotel walls. It can set you back just £10-15 a night, but if you want a private room it can be still be inexpensive at £50 per night.

The Youth Hostels Association is the UK’s premier Hostel provider, with a huge network of over 200 hostels in both England and Wales. Also check!

Whether you choose to find a beautiful budget hotel on ‘’ or search for a cheap & cheerful hostel, you’ll have access to a TV, free-wifi, breakfast and laundry facilities.


The UK is infamous for its ridiculously expensive rail costs. However, the National Rail service prices can fluctuate depending on what time you travel. So, for example, if you book your tickets last minute in peak hours (mid-day) you can expect to pay over the odds, with prices up to £150! But, if you book in advance and select off-peak times the you can save a lot of money; usually it can be a quarter of the price!

Other ways to adhere to your budget with transport is buying day or week passes as this will work out a lot cheaper, hiring a car which can be done for as little as £100 per week or using England’s Megabus service with fares as low as £1 if you book way in advance. Plus, another way to travel cheaper is to travel light; if you use a duffle bag or travel bag rather than a big suitcase you’ll save costs on luggage fees, be able to utilize smaller, cheaper taxi’s and hop on and off a tube.

Things to do

If you go to the UK you certainly won’t go short of things to do or see. And, you won’t have to splash the cash in order to have a terrific time. All around the four countries you’ll find free museums, free walking tours and free sight-seeing. So, for example, if you’re in England you’ll be able to witness the Big Ben, London Eye, Museum of London, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Palace, Museum of Lincolnshire Life, if you have kids or are young at heart you can visit Roskillys Organic Farm in Cornwall all for FREE!

See old historic buildings in London for some stunning architecture!

Now, if you do want to go to some attractions then they really won’t set you back that much. Most attractions will allow you entry for as little as £10 per person, and even cheaper for children. Another thing you could do is experience the lovely nature aspect of the UK; places like Wales and Scotland have lots of mountains that you can walk for free, with stunning photography opportunities so bring your camera!

50 FREE Great attractions in the UK


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