Ultimate Guide to Travel bags for your next trip.

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You can't go on a journey without fully packing your bags, which will contain all the things you will need.

There are many different options when it comes to making your choice of travel bag.

There are many different types of travel bags which are categorized by a number of functions like the type of trip you are embarking on, kind of activities, duration of your journey, how much luggage you wanna pack etc.

In this article, we will help you make an informed decision with a list of preferred travel bags and also a breakdown of the factors to consider when making a choice of travel bag.


1. The Rolling Suitcase

Pros: This is suitable in situations where you plan to shop for a lot of things on your journey or for moving a lot of stuff. Plus it erases the hassle of carrying the whole weight yourself due to its retractable handle you can just easily roll the suitcase as you go.

Cons: This may incure some more baggage fees depending on your airline. Plus there's difficulty in carrying this type of travel bag up the stairs, also you won't be able to roll it on rough surfaces.

This is suitable for travelers who are carrying a lot of stuff and want to avoid the strain of carrying a heavy bag with their arms.

2. The Designer Luggage

Pros: This type of travel bag comes in many styles, like wheel suitcases, totes, fashioned from the ideas of top designer brands. Designer Luggage usually comes with great all-around quality.

Cons: Just like other top fashion items, designer luggage is equally very expensive. Their eye-catching designs could even make you a target for thieves as you travel, mostly in a new environment.

Ideal for: This is suitable for classy travelers who want to travel in style

3. The Duffle Bag

Pros: Duffle bags usually have the largest space in their middle compartment. Incomparable to other forms of luggage. Duffle Bags are usually very flexible and can easily contain many smaller sized bag.

Cons: Duffle bags, just like most wearable luggage are usually strenuous especially when carrying them for prolonged periods because they are carried with the arm or on the shoulders.

This is suitable for travelers who are more versatile when packing their luggage or want to carry a lot of sized stuff like sports equipment.


4. The Rolling Duffle Bag

Pros: The is the duffle bag with one addition to it which is the roller. It can carry big and various sized items easily because of its large compartments.

Cons: Just like any other rolling luggage, it is difficult to carry them up the stairs because you can roll them on the staircase and in areas that are not smooth/rocky.

This is suitable for travelers who want to carry various sized items.

Rolling duffle bag.

5. The Backpack

Pros: The backpack is an awesome choice of bag, because of its easy carriage. You can easily walk up the stairs without much hassle since the weight is evenly distributed across both shoulders.

Cons: Carriage of this kind of travel bag can be strenuous for your back and shoulders and can have a negative effect on your posture especially if you carry items that weigh a lot. It will also cause rigorous sweating under the hot weather because it is carried on your back.

This is suitable for travelers who have lots of items to carry and do not want to put the strain on their arms. And it is most suitable for adults as it adversely affects children's posture.



6. The Travel Tote

Pros: These are mainly used by women, they are really fashionable, and can easily carry essential items like clothing, cosmetics, gadgets etc.

Cons: The spaces are usually small, so you will able to carry a few clothes, laptop, cosmetic and other essentials with it.

This is suitable for people who are after carrying a fashionable bag with just a few items

7. The Travel Laptop Case

Pros: Travel laptop cases are simply briefcases with rollers which are softer and have more compartments than the regular suitcase and they are exclusively made for laptops and other small essential items for your journey.

Cons: These aren't large enough to carry clothing or other larger items and despite the small size, the rollers make it slightly difficult to carry up and down staircases.

This is suitable for travelers who look to carry their laptop and a few other items in their travel bag.

8. The Briefcase

Pros: Briefcases are made of hard materials inside and out, protecting all your important documents and usually used by professionals to give a smart/neat look and image.

Cons: The can easily be stolen and is a target for criminals

This is suitable for professionals to carry important documents when traveling for business.

There is no one type of travel bag which is suitable for all types of journeys and luggage to be carried. From the list of travel bags, the most preferred of many travelers is the duffle bag, because of its softness and flexibility, it is a choice for many people who want to carry more variety sized items as they fit easily into the large compartments of duffle bags.


A duffel bag is identified by having soft sides and have the ability to stow away in places were most bags won't. Nowadays most duffle bags now have closed zippers due to the added convenience and security. Some of them do have straight zippers while others do have the u-shape.

Many now have added interior and exterior pockets to ensure easy organization and separate items properly. History of the DUFFLE Bag Here.

The first form of duffle bags had a cylinder style but the recent ones of today now square in shape.

They come in different sizes that look firm and more rectangular in shape to ensure your stuff are nicely packed.

Some of the most frequent materials we use in manufacturing duffle bags are:

1. Canvas: This was one of the first materials used in making the duffel bags. It is made to be firm, thick and to last long. It is very affordable and of a lightweight, it folds with ease and water resistant.

2. Leather: These bags are higher in terms of price. They are difficult to stitch and it takes a longer time to produce. Leather ages with grace and it is strong enough to withstand tough conditions.

3. Nylon and Polyester: There bags are cheap to produce and these hold up for a lesser time. They have the ability to resist scratches. They are also waterproof and they serve effectively as great gym bags.

4. Vinyl: They are otherwise called synthetic leather. It is far cheaper compared to leather. It gives a similar feel like the leather but not as durable as the leather, it scratches with ease. It has a very nice outlook but should not be used for strenuous activities.

A journey of a thousand miles commences with a trusted duffle bag from Potenza Travel At Potenza, we believe that one of the most relevant parts of a journey is packing smart.

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We know how difficult it can be to squeeze everything you desire into one bag and when you need the duffle bag itself to have enough space for the organization and you may also want it to possess smart travel bag designs such as lickable zippers and beefy wheels.

At Potenza, we are aware of the stress associated with moving from one gate to another to catch up with your flight. Whether you are looking for the best lightweight duffle bag, we have the solutions right on our palms.

We have developed a handy purchasing guide, with factors consider when making a correct type of duffle bags you will need for your trip.

As a someone who travels a lot, you don't want to get associated with poor quality bulky travel bags. At Potenza, we will help you choose the right traveling bag.

To ensure that you choose the right type of travel bag from Potenza.com, here are a few things to consider.

Packing the right bag for your travel needs:

There are different questions that you should ask yourself before purchasing a new bag for your trip. By accessing the questions properly you can be sure that you will purchase the right travel bag for your specific purpose.

  • Hard vs soft luggage

Which one of them will suit your travel needs? Even though the casual traveler may be able to embark on his journey by picking up a duffle bag/backpack in his closet and set off, those who embark on a long trip need to carefully make wise decisions concerning their luggage.

One of the most paramount features to consider when buying a duffle bag is the type of shell or suitcase It possesses.

Soft case duffle bags or reveling bags serve a different purpose entirely and will vary in packing pattern compared to that of the hard case.

The type you select depends on what exactly you are packing, how far will you go, and the means you are to use in reaching your destination, among other various factors.

This implies that the perfect place to begin when it comes to choosing the right travel

bag is what your trip would look like.




As you travel, are you by any means going to expose your luggage to the elements of nature? If by any means your luggage would get wet, it seems better to opt for a hard sided luggage as it would proffer more protection especially if you have electronic devices as part of your packed items.


This question is usually associated with others, such as will you be able to visit the laundry on your trip? This is all about how much stuff you will pack. Hard travel bags offer less freedom when it comes to forcing in the last pants, whereas soft travel bags offer some spaces for some addition.


Will be you attempting to force your bag into overhead compartments, putting it under a bus or using a public transport sit?

Soft travel bags will be better off for an overhead compartment due to its flexibility, but a hard travel bag will be difficult to throw around.

Be careful enough not to overuse the soft bag though you may not want to find yourself trying to queue up an oversized travel bag into your section because it will cause individuals behind you to become impatient.


If you are packing anything delicate or fragile, you could try to put them in between a pile of clothes to protect your items.Don't forget about your return, you may be bringing back large numbers of souvenirs or gift items. When leaving home you might not go with delicate items, but think of what you might get in the course of your journey and the kind of protection your stuff might need.


if you will move your bags between places lot, it will be better to opt for a soft duffle bag because it is definitely going to be lighter. Hardshell bags are better off for protection and for weight, you should know this.